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bulk fill flow compules

Proclinic Expert Bulk Fill Flow is a new generation flowable composite that simplifies restorations in increments of up to 4 mm.
- Optimum flowability, the material is viscous and fluid as needed, allowing for comfortable and precise application.
- Available in two colours and presentations, capsules and syringes, which extend the indications of the Bulk Fill solutions.
- Excellent mechanical properties that allow stable and long-lasting restorations to be obtained.
- Class I restorations.
- Class II restorations under composite. Finishing with an additional conventional composite is recommended.
- Base in cavities I and II in direct restorations, without the need for an additional or previous liner.
Contents: Package 20 compules x 0,25 gr

Proclinic does not assume responsibility for any damages or losses caused by the inappropiate use of these products which are designed strictly for professional dentists.